Should I Go To Work In the Snow?

Who has more courage?

The person who goes to their job because they are afraid of authority and are mindful of the consequences?

The adult who goes to work through the snow because they need the money that their hourly rate provides?

The adult who plans ahead to take a day off because they know their children don’t have school?

Or the inner child of the adult who accepts the judgement of the elements of weather and stays home where they can enjoy a grilled cheese sandwich dipped into a bowl of tomato soup surrounded by family while watching the snow fall outside the window?

Remember one of the rules of happiness. Whichever path you choose, you must believe that it is the best path to be on.

My path is being made by the snow shovel as I clean off the driveway. You can’t follow, but I do have an extra shovel.


About Anthony Wessel

Living in the world and collecting what it gives me.
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